ASTROBIONIX is a boutique firm dedicated to the design & development of planetary exploration technologies and to the provision of management, logistic, operations and technical support services in the most remote & unfriendly environments. 

  • LAND EXPLORATION - from the bitter cold of the polar regions, to the hottest desert sands, to the thickest rainforests, ASTROBIONIX provides the most qualified personnel and the most advanced technologies for land exploration, for mining activities, and for establishing manned outposts in the most remote regions of the Earth, such as research stations in Antarctica.

  • SEA EXPLORATION - from the storm-stricken decks of off-shore rigs to the darkest of abysses, ASTROBIONIX provides a full suite of products and services to support both the prospecting activities of the oil & gas industry as well as the establishment of permanent subsea colonies and underwater laboratories.

  • SPACE EXPLORATION - with over 25 years of experience in the manned spaceflight & military space sectors, ASTROBIONIX is a leading provider of planetary observation (remote sensing) products & technologies, and of operational support & training services for the colonization of other planets including deep space healthcare, emergency management, aerospace recovery, ECLSS & biospherics, autonomous power provision, and Mars Analog Research Stations management.

    • EXPLORATION ENGINEERING - ASTROBIONIX´ key competences are: systems engineering, reliability engineering, resilience engineering, geophysical engineering, special vehicles development, powered exoskeletons development, exploration biosuits development, aerial & subsea UAVs development, and all kinds of engineering management & mission assurance services.

    • EXPEDITION SUPPORT SERVICES - ASTROBIONIX offers a full suite of expedition services including: technical / maintenance support, expedition security & forward team support, logistics security, base camp protection, expeditionary medicine, emergency evacuation & telemedicine, and EO & GEOINT products.  Additionally, ASTROBIONIX operates its very own redundant, hybrid, highly resilient communication network which integrates land, satellite, and underwater communication solutions.

    • DEEP SPACE RESEARCH SUPPORT - ASTROBIONIX is fully committed to the international space exploration programs, and is happy to provide support and expertise for all kinds of deep space missions, including engineering & scientific support for the development of space probes, space telescopes, and remote sensing satellites.

    • EMERGENCY MEDICINE & TELEMEDICINE RESEARCH - Since its foundation in 2009, ASTROBIONIX has been involved in emergency medical care in remote locations and in the development of telemedicine systems.


    Registered Office

    Ravenna, Italy

    Tel.: +39.351.5016411

    explocorp @ astrobionix . com

    Operating Offices

    Limassol, Cyprus  //  Herzliya, Israel

    Trondheim, Norway  //  League City, TX, USA

    Founder & CEO:  Gian-Marco Cabibbe

    Gian-Marco Cabibbe is an aerospace technologist, former research pilot, and former special forces operator (army ranger) with an university education in applied physics, planetary sciences, and space systems engineering. Born in Milan, Italy in 1969 and educated in the USA, Gian-Marco has over 25 years of experience as consultant & entrepreneur in the aerospace, defense, and security sectors. His past research activities included the development of hydroponic chambers, space-based photometry of binary stars, and deep-vein thrombosis investigations. His current interests are systems & societal resilience and history. He is perfectly bilingual English-Italian and has a good knowledge of German. He is a board member of several companies worldwide. Call sign AstroRockthor.  LinkedIn Profile.

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