Gian-Marco Cabibbe´s Personal Page

Estonia - ITALY - Israel


Independent Scientist - Aerospace Technologist - Pilot - Speaker - Flight Test Engineer - NewSpace Investor

ASTROBIONIX is Gian-Marco Cabibbe´s NewSpace ventures division dedicated to manned outposts security and the development of general purpose technology to support offworld living & manned space exploration.

 The name "ASTROBIONIX"™ is a portmanteau of the words "astronautics" and "bionics", thus underlying the focus on space applications, life sciences, biomedical engineering for human space exploration, powered exoskeletons, and assistive robotics.

ASTROBIONIX offers a full range of space services, including private flights, commercial payload opportunities, space technology licensing, engineering support, flight testing, astronaut training.

ASTROBIONIX is an expert in the transfer of technologies between the healthcare & aerospace industries, in the advancement of aerospace & environmental medicine, in aerospace biomedical & life support engineering, in astronautical hygiene & bioastronautics, in renewable energy technology for space colonies, in advanced photonics for space communications, and in operational support for austere medicine research.


ASTROBIONIX is a leading developer of Space Analogues (also called Terrestrial Analogue Sites), of advanced life support systems, & of creative space exploration projects. Space Analogues are places on Earth with assumed past or present geological, environmental or biological conditions of a celestial body such as the Moon or Mars, and are used in the frame of space exploration to either study geological or biological processes observed on other planets, or to prepare astronauts for surface extra-vehicular activity.

ASTROBIONIX´ team has over 30 years of experience in the manned space program and Gian-Marco Cabibbe has provided operational support at all major space centers including Cape Canaveral, Houston, Huntsville, & Baikonur, and has been a technical observer for 43 STS & Soyuz space missions including:

  • Space Shuttle missions to Hubble
  • Space Shuttle / Spacelab missions
  • Space Shuttle / SPACEHAB missions
  • Space Shuttle & Soyuz missions to MIR
  • Space Shuttle & Soyuz missions to ISS
  • MirCorp mission to MIR (Last Mission to MIR)

ASTROBIONIX is developing a tactical & rescue exosuit for operations in the harshest environments. The XOS is a hybrid between a powered exoskeleton and a soft carbon nanotubes ballistic protection biosuit. XOS features the most advanced human-robotic interaction system to-date including sophisticated AI.

ASTROBIONIX is a leading provider of advisory services for scientific expeditions & tactical missions including Mars - Desert mission simulations, remote outpost facility management, remote medical diagnostics, evacuation services, terraforming, and development of planetary exploration vehicles.

Gian-Marco Cabibbe has an academic background in applied physics / space physics & engineering science and has specialized as aerospace research pilot & helicopter pilot, flight test engineer, and flight instructor for HUET & SAR / HEMS operations.

He holds various aerospace certifications from the Russian Cosmonaut Training Center (Центр подготовки космонавтов имени Ю. А. Гагарина) and from the Gromov Flight Research Institute (Лётно-исследовательский институт имени М. М. Громова) including the clearance for Orlan-M / Орлан-M & Sokol KV2 / Cокол spacesuit operations, for parabolic flight & hypo / hyperbaric chamber operations (Parabelflüge- & Höhenkammer-Tauglichkeitsgrad I), and for IL-76 MDK flight activities and variable gravity operations.

He holds multiple flight certifications including MEI / CFII, float, NVG and the following type ratings: Aero L-39, Bell 412, BK-117, & DHC-6 Twin Otter.

He received flight training in over 30 aircrafts ranging from seaplanes to supersonic jets & helicopters for a total of 2700+ flight hours including 1000+ zero-g parabolas.

During his military time, he performed over 2000 jumps including 400+ HALO, HAHO & night jumps and approximately 90 saturation dives between depths of 90 and 130 meters.

He is a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots / Flight Test Engineers & of the EASA Helicopter Safety Team.

Technical Experience:

  1. AIRBUS Group experience: MBB-ERNO, Daimler-Benz Aerospace, Daimler-Chrysler Aerospace, EADS, Astrium, Eurocopter, & Cassidian; AIRBUS GRESS / GRAMS certified; IPCA+ process advisor; FAA / EASA airworthiness certifications.
  2. Program experience: A3xx, ACJ3xx, A330 MRTT, A400M, H135/M, H145/M, H225/M, NH90, EuroHawk, Eurofighter Typhoon, Boeing 747 LCF, NASA STS, Spacelab, ISS / Columbus, ATV, MIR / Soyuz / Progress, and several others.
  3. Board member of several commercial space companies and patent advisor for several space technology spin-offs.